Monday, April 14, 2008

Mt. Leyland Has Erupted (And I'm Not Far Behind)

How I picture Jim Leyland's "talk" to the Tigers yesterday

All it took was a 11-0 beat down and the second consecutive shutout by the Chicago White Sox. That and a MLB high 5.94 ERA and MLB low 33 runs scored might have played a part as well. Will it help? Well if Jim Leyland's words can stop the Tigers from hitting into double plays, and make the pitching staff stop issuing walks then yes. But if his words were so powerful, why now? Why not after last Sunday spanking? Only Jim knows. But the days of a kinder, gentler Leyland are apparently history.

The record so far has brought talk of the 2003 squad, and that's not the 2003 team. They were a bunch up unproven rookies and guys that should have been in the minors. They weren't supposed to win. This year's team is. I'd compare it to watching the 2005 team. They were a team hovering around .500 then September happened. They won only 8 games that month and finished 71-91, worse than 2004's team, and causing the end of the Trammell Era. Watching games that September were worse then 2003 because you for the had hopes that they would improve, instead they took a step back.

Another thing that's been bothering me about the losses (other than the utter torture of watching them) has been the talk of the broadcasters. I rarely get to hear Rod & Mario's dulcet tones, and often I am forced to hear the opposing team's guys. Every game I've heard the back-handed compliment that the Tigers offense will turn it around eventually. I'm sick of it. It's like when a friend tries to set you up for a blind date and describes the person as having "a nice personality". You know that's code for "He/she's a mutant". The "These guys will turn it around" is code of "I can't believe how sucky these guys are". You don't want your team to be pitied, that's for teams like Baltimore and Kansas City. You want you're team to be feared. The only thing scary about this year's team is how pathetic they've been lately

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