Sunday, April 27, 2008

Game 26 Recap

After a long week at a new job, I was looking forward to enjoying the Tigers on a real TV as opposed to the grainy MLB.TV feed I've been accustomed to. Joe Morgan and his inane banter, quickly had me running to the computer room, watching a game on a monitor while listening to my XM radio. The outcome tonight left something to be desired, the past week's games have shown a return to form that was sorely needed. Justin Verlander's velocity trouble's may have been solved with him hitting the high nineties early and often, but the accuracy is more of an issue. He walked 4 and of his 102 pitches only 57 were strikes. And 7 hits against a team as skilled as the Angels, isn't going to cut it either. Jered Weaver was wild early, but regrouped and shut down the Tigers until teh 7th inning. When a pitcher was throwing as well as Weaver was tonight it's hard to get in any offense. The Tigers finally get a day off tomorrow before they head to New York to attempt to start a new winning streak.

Tigers 2 Angels 6
W: Weaver (2-3)
L Verlander (1-4)

Tigers Record:
W - L
11 - 15

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