Wednesday, October 25, 2006

About Last Night...

It seems Joel Zumaya has a lot in common with the Comcast high speed internet he hawks...they both let me down last night. Comcastic my ass. Not that there would of been much from me after that wild pitch anyway. After that I was just sitting on the couch, watching the Tigers record out after consecutive out.
Honestly I wasn't expecting much from the Tigers, since they were facing probably the best pitcher in the National League, but I expected a little more than just rolling over and taking it.
But tonight is another game, that is if Deathstorm 2006 doesn't sweep St. Louis off the map, and there are some changes to the lineup. Guillen is up to 3rd, Polanco goes down to 7th, Casey is up to 5th. Makes sense, have your hitters that are doing damage grouped together. Hopefully there will be guys on base for Guillen and Casey to drive in. The pitching match-up Is Bonderman vs. Suppan. This would seem to favor the Tigers. Bonderman, for whatever reason, pitches better on the road than at home. The Cardinals, with the exception of Pujols and Eckstein, do not fare that well against the slider. Plus, some of the Tigers (Maggs and Inge) have fared well against Suppan in the past. The key is they need that patient bats that got them hear. Force Suppan to throw fastballs over the plate, and everything should be fine. Considering what we have seen in the previous three games that's a big if.

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