Friday, October 27, 2006

Game 4 Aftermath

This pretty much sums up tonight's game for the Tigers. Just out of reach. They had the pitching from Bonderman, they had the hitting from Pudge and Casey, they just didn't have the luck. From Granderson's slip, Rodney's overthrow, to Monroe's near catch, it seems all that "team of destiny" mojo that was working for the Tigers in the 7 straight games they won, has shifted to the other side of the Mississippi.
So now it comes down to this: Win game 5 or the season is over. And if you manage that then you have to start all over again with Game 6. And then...well you get the idea. Will they do it? I don't know. It has been done to the Cardinals before, with The Tigers themselves in 1968, and the Royals in 1985. David Eckstein getting run over by a tarp would be a nice start. Can they do it? Sure, if the team that played Games 2-4 in the ALDS and 1-4 in the ALCS shows up. But right now a dire situation is all that appears.

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