Sunday, October 15, 2006

ALCSgams: Game 4, SWEEP!

Growing up I've always heard stories from people about being present for dramatic events throughout Detroit sports history. Mickey Lolich's 5 hit win in Game 7 of the 1968 World Series, Kirk Gibson's HR off of Goose Gossage in Game 5 of the 1984 World Series. The Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup and Barry Sanders breaking the 2000 yard mark in 1997. Now I can say "I was there" when people bring up Magglio's home run. I still can't describe the feeling, some 28 odd hours after. All i can remember is hearing the crack and the roar getting louder and louder as the ball was getting closer and closer to it's landing spot in left field. I scrambled to get my camera out and take a picture of the mob scene at home plate, but in between my hands shaking from pure joy, and the fist pumping of the crowd in front of my I wasn't able to get a good shot so I'll leave you with some other pictures of game 4. Sorry, but they were the best I could do from the nosebleeds.

The first pitch of the game and the "Tiger Towels" in full effect.

Players (l) and Jim Leyland (r) take a victory lap around the field.

The American League Championship trophy presentation, and the sign speaks for itself.

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