Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Live Blog: Game 2 Electric Boogaloo

So apparently Joe Morgan will be doing the game tonight. The one person that makes me long for Rod Allen. Maybe he'll be winded from the Mets-Dodgers game earlier in the day. Why couldn't they convince Vin Scully to do the double duty?
Pregame: That Travelodge bear creeps me out. Joe Morgan looks like he has wicked glaucoma, that explains sooo much. Yeah you can't stop the Yankees, right Daniel Cabrera? And there's a going to be a weather delay. They show Joe Morgan in his travel from Shea to the Bronx, Joe studying, Joe Morgan's "notes" were written in crayon. Oh good they're nailing down the tarp into the field, that's always a good sign. Well this game isn't starting anytime soon. I'll crank it back up when it does. 10:00 first pitch...this is going to be a long night. Scratch that game cancelled. Rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. So this is the end of the live blog adventure. I will be trapped in a cubicle for the game tomorrow. so I guess I'll have a post-mortem and a little something about the NHL starting back up.


Adam said...

The baseball gods are punishing ESPN for the great evil of making fans listen to Joe Morgan twice in a day.
I just watched him interviewed and he delivered the same expert analysis that we have all come to expect from Joe when he brilliantly said "The Twins have made some mistakes.", stunning

I loved this from the Fire Joe Morgan site:

Morgan's borough-to-borough trip will be aided, in part, by the NYPD, which will provide logistical help (traffic updates, etc.).

So: sorry if you get knifed between games, but the police are busy telling Joe that New York is a crowded place.

Adam said...

The baseball gods have not forsaken us!! no Joe Morgan twice in 4 hrs.