Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Bandwagon Fan Quiz

I've heard a great deal of talk over the season about the influx of so called "bandwagon" fans taking over the ballpark. These are also the same people who yell "swing to every batter, then bitch when they take a called strike. Personally I have no problem with them, the new fans not the crusty complainers. Most people use sport as an escape from their own crappy life, why latch on and identify yourself with a loser. Everyone loves a winner, except Cubs fans who use their team as an excuse to get drunk at 2 in the afternoon. The Tigers are winning so there was bound to be large amounts of Tiger gear being sported around town. The measure of a true fan is how loud you cheer, not when you bought your hat.
So, I give my unconditional welcome to the newbies on two terms:
  • Please stop trying to start the wave during key situations in the game. Here's a tip, if a lead is less that 3 runs and there are men on base, sit your ass down and and enjoy the game. If a close game can't keep your attention, stick to watching cars go round in circles.
  • Know something about the team. I've resigned myself to the fact that whenever Brandon Inge's name is announced the shrieks from all the ladies will begin, but at least they know one player. I've met people who thought "Pudge" and Ivan Rodriguez were different people.
To help I've created a handy little test that you can take or give to others to consider them worthy to be a Tiger fan
(answers are in the comments)
1) Name at least 12 Tigers that have played in a game this season as you can. (hint, there were 40, 19 position players and 21 pitchers) Get 30-35 you've been to the ballpark a lot. Get all 40 you're Jim Leyland.
2) Name the as many of the 10 players from the 119 loss 2003 team as you can. (Hint: 6 pitchers, 4 Position) 4 is good, but the 8 to 10 should be easy if you have been paying attention.
3) Name any player from that same 2003 team that is still in the major leagues. (Hint: one was still with the team at the beginning of the year) There are 8, I knew 4. If you get them all, you are either Howie Schwab, or a liar.
4) History lesson, name the six players enshrined with statues in left field. Bonus points if you can name the one born in Detroit.
5) Not counting this year's trip, how many times have the Tigers been to the World Series. Bonus points for years, outcomes and opponents.

So there you have it, print it out and quiz your friends.

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rock_n_rye said...

1) Position players: Ivan Rodriguez, Vance Wilson, Mike Rabelo, Chris Shelton, Sean Casey, Dmitri Young, Matt Stairs, Omar Infante, Placido Polanco, Neifi Perez, Carlos Guillen, Ramon Santiago, Kevin Hooper, Jack Hannahan, Brandon Inge, Craig Monroe, Marcus Thames, Curtis Granderson, Brett Clevelen, Alexis Gomez, Magglio Ordonez. Pitchers: Kenny Rogers, Jeremy Bonderman, Mike Maroth, Justin Verlander, Nate Robertson, Zach Miner, Ramon Colon, Wil Ledezma, Jamie Walker, Jason Grilli, Bobby Seay, Jordan Tata, Colby Lewis, Chad Durbin, Andrew Miller, Chris Spurling, Joel Zumaya, Fernando Rodney, Todd Jones.
2)Inge, Infante, Santiago, Monroe, Maroth, Bonderman, Robertson, Ledezma, Walker, Rodney.
3) Carlos Pena (Boston), Eric Munson (Houston), Cody Ross, Franklyn German (both Florida), Hiram Bocachica, Matt Roney (both Oakland), Adam Bernero (Kansas City and Philidelphia), Chris Spurling(Milwaukee)
4)Wille Horton, Ty Cobb, Al Kaline, Hal Newhouser, Charlie Gehringer, and Hank Greenberg. Newhouser was born in Detroit. Horton grew up in Detroit but was born in Virginia, and Gehringer was born in Fowlerville.
5) 9 Times. 1907 lost 4-0 to Chicago. 1908 lost 4-1 to Chicago. 1909 lost 4-3 to Pittsburgh. 1934 lost 4-3 to St. Louis. 1935 won 4-2 over Chicago. 1940 lost 4-3 to Cincinnati. 1945 won 4-3 over Chicago. 1968 won 4-3 over St. Louis. 1984 won 4-2 over San Diego.