Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Shot Heard 'Round Brush Street revisited

Bill Mazeroski, Chris Chambliss, Joe Carter, Todd Pratt, Aaron Boone, David Ortiz, Chris Burke, and now Magglio Ordonez.

In the 103 years that baseball has had playoffs, those are the eight men who have ended a series with one swing of the bat. Some are the stuff legends are made of ("Shot heard 'round the world). Some leave you swearing (Aaron Fuckin Boone, Fucking Joe Carter). Some you forget even happened (Todd Pratt). But actually being there for one, I'm still at a loss on how to describe it fully. This video from someone at the game pretty much sums up what it sounded and looked like. As for that feeling, ask anyone that's worn the Old English D for the past few years, how things are going, and you'll get an idea.

video via Deadspin link

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