Saturday, May 12, 2007

Game 35

After winning Maroth-Santana round 2 the Tigers are now 10 games over .500, and thanks to the Angels, have a 1.5 game lead in the AL Central. And if that wasn't good enough, today's opposing starter is Sidney Ponson. Of course now that I mentioned this, he's going to go out and throw a no hitter.

Detroit (22-12)
C Granderson CF
P Polanco 2B
G Sheffield DH
M Ordonez RF
C Guillen SS
S Casey 1B
C Monroe LF
B Inge 3B
M Rabelo C

Minnesota (17-18)
L Castillo 2B
L Ford LF
T Hunter CF
M Cuddyer RF
J Morneau 1B
M Redmond C
J Kubel DH
N Punto 3B
J Bartlett SS

Tigers - Chad Durbin RHP (2-1, 5.45 ERA)
Twins - Sidney Pnson RHP (2-4, 6.42 ERA)

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