Monday, May 21, 2007

Quarterly Report Part 1

It's a little late, but the Tigers have 1/4th of the season in the books. That being said, I'd thought I'd take this off day to look at the team, and later in part 2 review my MLB pre-season predictions.

The Tigers:

Magglio Ordonez has established himself as a dark horse Triple Crown and MVP candidate. Justin Verlander and Curtis Granderson have never heard of sophomore slumps. Gary Sheffield looks to be the Kenny Rogers of the position players, teaching patience. It seems to be working, free swingers Brandon Inge and Craig Monroe are on pace to record career highs in walks. Even with the injury bug taking away Kenny Rogers and Joel Zumaya for extended periods, and Jeremy Bonderman for a limited (hopefully) one, the Tigers are still one of the top teams in the AL. No if only they could get that bullpen fixed.
  • Offense: A+ One of the best in the majors, hands down.
  • Starting Pitching: A- Chad Durbin and Andrew Miller's recent performance keep the starters in the honor roll
  • Bullpen: D Other than Todd Jones, the only consistency has been one of inability to keep the Tigers ahead or in games.
  • Defense: B If Carlos Guillen can stop his misplays, and Pudge can start making them, they would get an A
  • Coaching: B+ Jim Leyland still does things that may not make sense (like taking Curtis Granderson out, he's 2nd in the league in extra base hits, let him face a lefty or two) but he usually ends up more right than wrong, so In Jim We Trust.

Individual Grades

  • Jeremy Bonderman: B+ Showed signs he's ready to become one of the best in the Majors...if he could only get out of the 1st inning without being down runs
  • Tim Byrdak: INC Impressive so far in three games. Could play the Jaime Walker role if Bobby Seay and Wil Ledezma struggle
  • Chad Durbin: B- Started off shaky, but has turned things around. Might add some stability to the bullpen once Kenny Rogers comes back in June
  • Jason Grilli: D- You know what they say about nice guys. He just can't seem to stop anyone once he comes in
  • Todd Jones: B Has had his roller coaster moments, but for the most part has been more effective than a 39 year old closer with no fastball should be
  • Wil Ledezma: D At least Grilli's only thrown out there in mop up duty. Hard to believe that at one point during the season he lead the team in wins. Wil keeps getting changes and can't do anything with them. He's on a very short leash.
  • Mike Maroth: C While the Tigers have won every time he has started, Mike hasn't had much to do with it. He has the highest WHIP and ERA of the starting staff, but still I don't think he's 100% back from his elbow problems.
  • Jose Mesa: C- Many people questioned this offseason pick-up. Mesa hasn't put up much of an argument for himself. Having an injury gives him the benefit of the doubt.
  • Nate Robertson: B If he could just keep his pitch count down, he might be able to make it out of the 6th inning
  • Fernando Rodney: C- When he's on he can be one of the best set-up men the game. When he's off, like he's been a great deal of the season, he has people looking to give him a ticket to Toledo.
  • Bobby Seay: C Started off good, but has been hittable of late, maybe as batter have seen more of attention Tim Byrdak
  • Justin Verlander: A+ I thought there would be a pitcher in the Tigers rotation in the Cy Young hunt, I didn't think it would be Verlander. He has been the stopper all year, and hopefully will continue to be.
  • Joel Zumaya: INC Varied from unhittable to couldn't hit water falling out of a boat. Hopefully injuries played a part in that inconsistency.
Position Players:
  • Sean Casey: C- Was basically playing only for his fielding. Opened the door for Marcus Thames to take his job Has started to turn his hitting woes around, but will the Tigers try to bring a bigger bat in? *cough*Mark Teixeria*cough*
  • Curtis Granderson: A The average is a little low, but only Magglio has more extra base hits. In a few years people will be saying there is no one better in the league at going from 1st to 3rd if they aren't already
  • Carlos Guillen: B+ Frequent errors kept him off the honor roll.
  • Omar Infante: B- Has played well in limited appearances
  • Brandon Inge: C+ Shook off his dreadful start to the season and is hitting .414 .328 in May
  • Craig Monroe: C- Like Inge, C-Mo has had a slow start, but unlike hasn't totally heated up. History shows that usually happens post All Star game
  • Magglio Ordonez: A+ MVP, what else needs to be said?
  • Neifi Perez: C Only Mike Rabelo has played less, but hasn't totally sucked. Which sadly, is ahead of the expectations laid out for him
  • Placido Polanco: B+ Picking up where he left off in the playoffs last year, but has cooled off a bit lately
  • Mike Rabelo: C Has kept the back-up catchers spot warm for whenever Vance Wilson returns
  • Ivan Rodiguez: C Pudge has not been the Pudge of old. He is having problems catching potential base thieves, and maybe it's my imagination, but a lot more balls have been getting away form him. At for his batting, let's hope his three run homer on Saturday can kick start him. Fun Fact, Pudge is on pace for 8 walks for the year
  • Gary Sheffield: B- Had his worst April of his career, but looks to be bouncing back nicely, and what he can teach the young hitters of this team is worth more than stats.
  • Marcus Thames: D With a good start of the season he might of been able to steal the 1st base job, but is the only Tiger with a average under .200


Michael said...

Inge isn't hitting .414 in May. That's his OBP. His BA is .328 (still much improved).

rock & rye said...

whoops, my eyes at 11 at night aren't what they used to be

Colt said...

I agree with most of your ratings, but I think Jose Mesa should get an even worse grade. He's got a ridiculous 12.46 ERA and is a far bigger threat to give me a heart attack than Todd Jones or even Fernando Rodney. F, Mesa, F! Why did we even pay for him in the first place??