Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Game 44 Recap

Tigers 3 Angels 6

The Tigers had won in each of Mike Maroth's previous starts this year. Not so much this time. Maroth got knocked around and surrendered 6 runs. While the Tigers had plenty of chance to get them back, the gloves of Gary Matthews Jr. and Orlando Cabrera had other ideas. Again the Tigers faced a quality pitcher, were patient and ran up his pitch count, and got him out of the game in five innings; yet they still couldn't drive in all the runners in scoring position. One of these days Gary Sheffield will do something with the bases loaded. On the bright side the match-up of Maroth vs. Lackey was heavily in the Angels favor. But if Inge's bloop shot in the 2nd lands in the grass instead of Matthews' mitt, and if Orlando Cabrera jumps half a second later were taking about a Tiger victory. Plus the fact that the Bullpen didn't give up a run when Jason Grilli was involved is news in itself.

Tiger Hero:
Magglio. It's just a matter of time before we start hearing the "MVP! MVP!" chants.

Tiger Zero:
Curtis Granderson. Recorded half of the Tigers 6 K's on the day.

Tigers Record:
W - L
27 - 17
2nd Place AL Central

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