Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Weekend Round-up

Game 48
Tigers 3 Indians 6

Game 49
Tigers 3 Indians 5

Game 50
Tigers 5 Devil Rays 6

A few events kept me from getting to this sooner, and considering the performance the Tigers put forth these last three games, the idea of recapping them wasn't that appealing either. Saturday's game was another game where I had the pleasure of witnessing yet another lead surrendered by the bullpen. This was made all the more depressing by the sight of Joel Zumaya's right hand enclosed in a large cast.
Hold off on those Zumaya autograph requests

Sunday, was a game the Tigers were down early, fought back in, only to fall short and get swept by the Indians. The Tigers recorded 11 hits, but couldn't get any of them to occur when runners were in scoring position.

As for yesterday, it was a combination of the previous two games. Way too many runners left on base, and a craptastic bullpen performance. The loss gave the Tigers the dubious distinction, along with Kansas City, as the only two teams not to have a lifetime winning record vs. Tampa Bay as they are currently at the .500 mark.

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