Saturday, May 19, 2007

Game 42

The Tigers face Anthony Reyes who is 0-6 with a ERA over 5. I will also be in the stands tonight...the Tigers don't have a chance. Why? Well look at what happened with Jorge De La Rosa, Cha Seung Bak, and Julian Tavarez. Add that to my stellar 1-5 record so far this year. all kidding aside, while there will be fireworks after the game, for once I'd like to see the tigers provide them during the game.

Tigers - Nate Robertson LHP (3-3, 3.62 ERA)
Cardinals - Anthony Reyes RHP (0-6, 5.08 ERA)


Tigers 8 Cardinals 7

I swear I thought it was going to happen again. Another lead squandered in my presence, leading to a loss. Thank you Scott Rolen for the infield fly.

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